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Teen Highway Safety Program

Teen Highway Safety Program

ARE's Teen Highway Safety Program seeks to educate and train 500 new and upcoming young drivers in the District of Columbia on the importance of seat belt safety and the avoidance of alcohol and drugs. Through a partnership with the Safety Division of the D.C. Department of Transportation, ARE provides year round safety education to both its school-based participants, before and aftercare center children, and high school aged youth as well as the residents of our group homes. Additionally, the larger community is provided free seat belt safety checks, as well as community outreach and educational events focusing on safe driving and the affects of drinking while driving.

The Teen Highway Safety Program also sponsors an Annual Community Safety Day (usually in late August), where the safety and anti-substance abuse message is shared with hundreds of attendees. It is a day of fun, food, and fellowships with prizes, free seat belts checks, and vendors of educational material. To learn more about this event or to volunteer, contact us by phone at 202.483.9424 or by e-mail at

Teen Highway Safety Program - Safe Driving Pledge


I understand that driving laws are made for the protection of the general public--including me, my passengers, other motorists and pedestrians nearby. I pledge to drive safely and within the law at all times. Specifically:


  • I will obey speed limits, traffic signs, signals and laws.
  • I will wear a seat belt at all times, regardless of how far I am driving. I will insist that my passengers buckle up as well.
  • I will not drive aggressively by racing, speeding, tailgating or cutting others off in traffic.
  • I will learn and understand the Graduated Driver Licensing laws in my state. These may require me to observe driving curfews; they may limit the number of passengers in my vehicle; they may restrict my use of a cell phone. I will require my parents to help me learn to drive as required by law (most states). Whether I agree with these laws or not, I will comply with them because they are the law.
  • I will not drive when I am under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I will not get into nor ride as a passenger in a vehicle when the driver is under the influence.


  • I understand that I alone am responsible for my actions behind the wheel.
  • I will reconsider when I feel the “need” to hurry, drive fast or recklessly. On reconsidering, I will slow down. I understand that being late is better than having an accident.
  • I will tell my parents where I am going, who else will be in the vehicle, what route I am taking and when I will return. If my trip changes I will notify my parents.
  • I will remain alert when I am driving. If I feel drowsy or cannot give my full attention to driving, I will pull off the road and call for help.
  • I will drive defensively at all times. I understand that I am responsible for my own safety, that of my passengers, and that of nearby motorists and pedestrians.
  • I will not allow myself to become distracted while driving by using a cell phone, an iPod, trying to tune the radio, eating, drinking, smoking or engaging in other actions that take my attention away from the road ahead and the traffic situation around me.
  • I will keep the volume on the radio or music player to level where I can clearly hear sounds outside the car. I will not wear earphone or ear buds while driving (illegal in most states).
  • I will not drive if I am angry, over- tired or in a physical or psychological condition that can impair my driving.
  • I will be aware of weather conditions that can affect my driving and will pull over and call for help if I am not able to drive safely.
  • I will exercise extra caution when driving at night or when visibility is restricted by weather conditions.

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